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Video: Morocco, the KOUN shop does "ethical and chic" recycling

Source : AfricaNews – By Dalia Hassan & AFP

In Morocco, the KOUN store only sells recycled products. These items are made from waste plastic, cardboard or paper. Koun works together with charities that collect hundreds of kilos of waste from the streets of Casablanca to transform them into useful and design objects.

For Nadia Douri, Co-manager of Koun, it was necessary to act in the face of the pollution of the city: "when we walk in the streets, there is waste thrown on the ground everywhere, there are people who are increasingly sick with respiratory diseases, we see that in our seas, the amount of plastic waste is increasing more and more in addition, we observe more and more fish with plastic straws or a plastic bag inside." she explained. 

Little exploited and yet very promising, the recycling sector in Morocco offers several opportunities for the integration of young people. The goal is to involve them in the protection of the environment but also to encourage them to consume locally and responsibly.

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