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KOUN celebrates its three years of existence within the circular economy

Source : Media Marketing

KOUN, an ethical, solidarity and ecological brand, was launched in 2017 by Ressourc'In, the first Social Integration Enterprise (ESI) in Morocco and a project of the Moroccan Association Al Ikram-Valyans Foundation. The 100% eco-responsible brand is celebrating its third candle today. 

"KOUN aims to put the art of 'upcycling' at the service of the professional integration of disadvantaged young people, by providing them with the training and skills necessary for their personal and professional development. Concretely, our action translates into the implementation of professional integration programs but also awareness programs for schools, companies and the general public”, explains Nada Diouri, co-manager of KOUN.

The young Moroccan brand, which combines ethics and aesthetics, draws up a positive assessment of these three years. 

Goals exceeded 

After three years of activity, KOUN takes stock of its various actions: 

  • Social impact: In total, 61 young people in precarious situations have been integrated. KOUN initially had a target of 56 young people to integrate; objective which was exceeded by 9%. 
  • A personalized and complete support program: KOUN has developed 2 kits for schools and businesses. A first special school awareness program aims to develop an innovative, interdisciplinary eco-citizen action, consistent with school programs, and which will allow students to be involved in sustainable development. Through its second program, KOUN joins forces with companies by supporting them in their CSR policy and with the aim of raising employee awareness. 
  • Awareness: More than 1,000 people (students and employees) were made aware through field visits to KOUN workshops, handling of materials (waste) and a total of 29 awareness workshops were organised. The objective initially set at 200 people to raise awareness was exceeded by 500%. 
  • Collection: 13 collection partnerships were signed and 23 tons of waste were collected. 

"We are only at the beginning of KOUN and yet we have already achieved a lot during these first three years", says Saadia Slaoui Bennani, co-manager of KOUN and president of the Al Ikram-Valyans Foundation association. “With the support of the Moroccan Association Al Ikram – Valyans Foundation, many other beautiful projects will see the light of day such as new professional reintegration programs, collaborations with young Moroccan designers…. Moreover, the circular economy is now booming in Morocco, suggesting a bright future for KOUN. » 

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