Al Ikram Association - Valyans Foundation launched in 2016, its project KOUN, an innovative waste recycling and recovery program, creating economic opportunities through the creation of the KOUN brand, bringing together 3 product lines: Interior design, Stationery & games and Fashion accessories for women, men and women. children.

Behind KOUN there is much more than a brand. KOUN, in Arabic literally translates to "be!"


KOUN, is an invitation to be yourself, to be original, to be unique... As are each of its creations.


In a world where overconsumption dominates, producing ever more waste with a negative impact on our environment, KOUN wanted to join the circular economy in a creative way.

The young Moroccan brand doesn't just recycle, it Upcycles. She thus transforms simple everyday materials intended to be thrown away, into beautiful unique pieces, thus combining an approach that is both ethical and aesthetic.

The brand relies on the principle of collaborative design to think and design each of its creations, regularly giving rise to capsule collections.

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The life of waste at KOUN

KOUN collects its raw materials from companies, schools and Casablancan associations, before being sorted on the premises of theRessourc’In companyEach of the brand's four workshops (Plastic, Paper, Weaving and Screen Printing) then draws on this waste to make its products.


within companies, schools and associations in Casablanca


by category on the premises of the Ressourc’In company


materials in the brand's 4 workshops