The Plastic Design Workshop makes it possible to recycle all types of plastic into design objects. The world of plastic offers endless creative possibilities, and KOUN has understood this!

The combination of plastic from recycling with materials such as wood and metal gives rise to modern and original creations, with a refined design: seats, lamps, tables, planters, trinket trays, pencil holders...

A whole range of contemporary creations that will bring a final touch of character to your interior.

We were inspired by the recycling processes created by Precious Plastic, , and are members of the Precious Plastic Community present all over the world!

We use the classic processes of the plastics industry: the caps become flakes thanks to the crusher, which then go into the compressor oven or the extruder.

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The Weaving workshop of KOUN creates its products from improbable combinations of materials: all types of flexible plastic and paper packaging are combined with scraps of fabric and scraps of leather for a touch of elegance. Singular details are associated with geometric and colorful patterns for fashion accessories with an ethnic-chic look, adapting perfectly to all occasions.

Each piece is unique and is meticulously worked to obtain neat finishes.

We thus create pouches, shopping bags, rugs, placemats, cushions… and belts! The possibilities are endless… for the pleasure of women, men and children.



Paper is full of resources, it has more than one life! 

Once recycled in its paper workshop,KOUN transforms it into various eco-friendly communication tools: notebooks, business cards, brochures… for individuals and companies.

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ecological screen printing

Faced with a growing demand for 100% eco-friendly products of our conscientious partner-customers, we have decided to integrate ecological screen printing into our production process. For what ?

We find ourselves in the various workshops forced to use digital printing in all our customers' orders, thus contributing to more greenhouse gas emissions. 

The ideal solution to reduce this emission was to switch to ecological screen printing, thus offering our partners 100% eco-friendly products of which they can be proud.



Household waste releasing liquids harmful to the health of Moroccans can now be composted at KOUN, thanks to our partner Biodôme.

After its transformation, you can come back and collect it as useful compost for your gardens, nurseries, etc.